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The session is based on Yoga, Ecstatic dance, Movement, breathing techniques, connection, meditation, exploration of the physical body as well as free expression of movement which is incorporated throughout the class resembling animal movement. Each participant share the space with the others participants practicing different exercises, partner and group work in order to connect with everyone.Throughout the session depending on participants levels, the teacher (Pablo) will deliver different exercises like; eyes contact, physical contact and many others fun dynamics to make the energy uplifted and positive.The teacher (Pablo) he has the ability to feel participants energy and level of self development in order to deliver the best session for those attenders.The connection with the music is essential as the participant will feel the union with the lyrics and sound, releasing the sensation of duality or separation between oneself and others, every playlist is carefully created to flow perfectly to help with this process.

Pablo was inspired by his passion for Yoga, Dance, Movement and Music inviting people to connect with themselves and others, in oder to create more awareness of the body and mind allowing participants to move with full awareness as well as remaining still through comtemplation.The therapy helps participants to freed themselves from the old patterns, future projections, current mind patterns, as well as the self conscious mind, only remaining with the present moment, everything through movement and stillness. During the session several breathing techniques are practiced to help to focus in the now, feeling the connection between body, mind, oneself and others around you.Introversion and extroversion are tools for this practice to be unique and powerful, enables the students to freely express while practicing this unique therapy, going inwards and outwards of themselves.

The true self expression is the ultimate sensation of liberation releasing us from “problems” and worries, human has the tendency to identify with “problems” and other types of mind activity which can cause damage in our daily life experience and reduce the quality of life.Yoga beats Project’s therapy help to build up awareness of the body, mind and self, but not only that! It will allow the practitioner to dive deep into themselves feeling connected.Breathing is an important part of this practice, focusing on different breathing techniques will help to release from the self conscious mind feeling confident and present, able to work with different emotions without identifying with them, instead just observing those emotions kindly and aware of them. It’s important not to identify with these emotions so we can remain observing with a balance and neutral intention, finally finding perfect balance. This medicine is very powerful and has the ability to open people’s Hearts, introversion & extroversion creates the perfect Balance..!!!This practice is drug and alcohol free experience, the aim is to work with yourself without any external substances, only working with the body, mind and your real presence.Guidelines to follow in order to practice this therapy:It is a non verbal experience (Participants aren’t allow to use common sense words but instead welcome to use sounds or non sense words)It is a non sexual space( respect others)

Please do not use perfumes or any other types of chemicals during the session as well as sunglasses or anything that block eyes contact.Let’s explore deeper levels of awareness, just by watching our thoughts with out judging or naming them, without identification with the mind.The outcome is overall wellbeing feeling either physically and emotionally, a noticeable release of stress, tension and an increase of self-confident, increasing all levels of wellness.Pablo Gascon founder and creator.Namaste.

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It is a free form of dancing and expressing ourselves on a sacred dance floor!!!

Music will bring you into a state of trance, connection and freedom!!! Pablo is opening now Ecstatic Dance spaces around the world, he founder ED in Hoi An, Vietnam in 2019,

This experience was a beautiful opportunity for Pablo, creating a new dance culture in Hoi An it wasn’t easy journey but definitely rewarding, sharing the music and his vision with the people living there as well as some locals end it up on a magical experience.

Pablo has been dancing and flowing around the world learning how to connect and move his body with the flow of life for over a decade, hiss passion for connection and flow on the dance floor is amazingly unique, his smile is contagious.


To be a ED facilitator is to be able to hold the space for a group of people, when they are going through a display of emotions and feelings, insecurities, even sometimes tantrums and breaks down.

Openings and closings are supported by the Dj facilitator or another assistant space holder.


This practice is a non verbal experience, people are free to connect with each other with respect and understanding of others, some people are in completely different stages than you, it is a must to be aware of all of this during the session.


No drugs, alcohol or smoke are allowed in this dance therapy.

No photos or talking in the dance floor.


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