Interview with Seva Safris after experiencing Yoga beats Project in Koh Phangan, Thailand.


Pranayama (breath work)

Conscious breathing will change your Life.

It is an amazing formula that practiced daily has the ability to open up a portal to consciousness.

If you really feel that your life is limited by your thoughts? and nothing can be born from the space of mind? Practicing breath work will definitely open your mind allowing you to feel the expansion to the centre of your HEART.

Healing Massage by Pablo Gascon.

Loving touch is a very powerful tool available to human beings.

There’s a part of human awakening that arises when your body blockages are release…

This amazing realisation can be attain by body work, using the right directions and following the different path ways the body can open up generating good energy, releasing the old unwanted energy.

Yoga beats Project is a unique therapy which help participants to embrace themselves accepting every single part of them and showing them the way to unconditional Love.

Movement as Medicine.

Movement is a primal action that human beings have to develop by exploring the possibilities of our body.

The human body is limitless, actions cause reactions.

Use your body with awareness, this awareness it’s generate from the inside and will reflect on the outside with the power of your intention, this intention can create a complete brand new body more flexible, powerful, agile, faster, balanced, stronger….!

Yoga beats Project wish you a beautiful Xmas day full of Love and Light.

AWAKENING YOGA BEATS PROJECT RETREAT 27th June-2nd July in South of Portugal 2019 Awakeland Retreat centre.


PACHAMAMA YOGA BEATS PROJECT in CHIANGMAI, THAILAND 30th Nov 3rd Dec, come and join us for an incredible gathering like no others…!!! Union with Pachamama through Conscious Practices on a idilic location, totally stunning untouched nature.

Pablo Gascon sharing Yoga beats Project!

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