Breath work is an essential part of been a human, breathe deeply live longer…!!!


The time is now stop seeking outside because what you are looking for, its inside of you.

The power of inner self experience allows us to embrace who we are and our own self beauty

Pablo shares Pranayama techniques from the ancient scripts where students were exploring the knowledge behind the teachings of Yoga.

Bandhas and Pranayama techniques can be practice together linked to enrich full potential.

A deeper breathing exploration will lead you into a beautiful state of being connected, happy and free.

When we breathe consciously and deeper, a greater amount of energy is ingested in our bodies increasing oxygen intake allowing our systems to recharge feeling amazingly open and connected.

Connection can easily increase by sitting contemplating doing nothing but breathing.

Meditation is the state of awareness and consciousness, fully surrender and acceptance to the universe’s will. Meditation is mindfulness, presence and unity.

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