Yoga beats Project.

I was inspired by my passion for Yoga, Dance and Music. The aim is to free yourself from the self conscious mind, using breathing techniques allowing your spirit to fly and feel the connection between body, mind and spirit.
Movement, introversion, extroversion and meditation are also essentials parts of this practice, enables the students to freely express themselves while practicing this unique therapy.

The session is based on several Asanas, breathing techniques, as well as free expression of movement which is incorporated throughout the class, also partner work is a part of it; e.g. eyes contact, physical contact and many different dynamics.

The connection with the music is essential as the participant will feel the union with the lyrics and sound, releasing the sensation of duality, non separation..!!! One Life One Love.

The true self expression is the ultimate sensation of liberation releasing us from “problems” and worries.

Yoga beats Project’s therapy help to build up awareness of the body, mind and spirit, but not only that! It will allow the practitioner to dive deep into themselves feeling  connected.
Breathing is an important part of this practice, focusing on different breathing techniques will help to release from the self conscious mind feeling confident and present.

This medicine is very powerful and has the ability to open people’s Hearts, introversion & extroversion creates the perfect medicine allowing Balance..!!!

Lets explore deeper levels of awareness, just by watching our thoughts with out judging or naming them, without identification with the mind but the intelligence of the Heart.

The outcome is an amazing feeling of peace and wellbeing, a noticeable release of stress, tension and lack of confident, increases all levels of wellness.

May the feeling of Happiness grow within all human beings, allowing a better world to emerge.


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