Seva Safris testimonial about his experience at Yoga beats Project.

Szauder Nóra.

Dear Pablo,

We met in Hungary, at Everness Festival some weeks ago. So many times you come to my mind, so many times I think of the wonderful moments I lived during dancing and spending time with you. So many times I m just thinking of the moments of doing Yoga beats Project.
All these moments make my heart warm and make me happy again and again. I loved it soooo much!!!!
All the dances, all the practices, all the words you shared with us. It is wonderful what you are doing…! All of us are so grateful for you, I am sure. 
I wanted to write to you just to share with you this warm feeling which is in my heart since the Everness Festival. I dont really have words to express what I got there from you, from all the others, from myself, thanks to you who created all this. I am so happy that our ways crossed each other… 
I love dancing. It has made my soul free. And life is much happier in this way! And I am really happy that I could broaden my dance experience with your dances and your Yoga beats Project.
Thank you…..
I always remember your words that what is important is inside..
I am sending you some pictures which were taken at Everness, just to recognise who I am, and also take it as a memory, remembering a beautiful place we visited together
I hope you will come to Hungary again!!!!! It is a really special country, with special people with huge heart ❤
I wish you find your peace.



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