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About Pablo Gascon.

Pablo Gascon Bio:

Founder and creator of Yoga beats Project.

A very passionate and happy human being with a large amount of energy and high vibrations. His passion is to help people to evolve physically, mentally and spirituality.

International Yoga teacher with over 10 years experience teaching and more than 15 years practicing worldwide.

Pablo has been spending the last 15 years training in all areas of Fitness as well as exploring different modalities and ways to express himself through movement, meditation, dance, acting and expressing the inner child.

Through his life Pablo experienced serious injuries, he broke around 7 bones on his left side of the body. This experience has been a blessing to his work and life as now the knowledge gained is very high when it comes to the human body and it’s internals paths ways of healing.

He worked at many different gyms, yoga studios, spa, festivals, retreats sharing his knowledge all over the world and facilitating  workshops. In 2017 he visited Athens and shared Yoga beats Project with the refugees this experienced changed his life once again. A month later he traveled to Indonesia and shared his work at a refugee camp once these people were from the volcano explosion situation.

Pablo has been gathering people together with his work all around the world at festivals, assisting them with healing massage as well as privates sessions of self love and deep meaningful conversations about the meaning of life and why we are here, finding purpose and drive to progress and generate more inner Peace.

These are some of the places and festivals he went:

Boom festival – PORTUGAL



No Mind – SWEDEN

Rainbow Serpent – AUSTRALIA

Earth Frequency – AUSTRALIA

Earth Core – AUSTRALIA

Island Elements – AUSTRALIA

Sound and Silence – GREECE

Rise Up – IBIZA

Agni festival – SPAIN

Bali Spirit festival – BALI.

Wonderfruits festival – THAILAND

Also he traveled to Sri Lanka, India and Nepal which he found a very profound experience to share the much needed love.

He has a natural way of sharing his work and feels very comfortable holding the space for groups with more than 300 people.


Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness.

Cert 4 in Business.

Diploma in Fitness.

Diploma in Remedial Massage.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage III Levels.

Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga in India.

Pablo studied Old style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage with Dawn Charlton dedicating his heart to it as it is an amazing healing massage.

The courses were intensive, rigorous, training requiring extreme fitness and a dedication to the mind, body and spirit.

Pablo is a professional dance performer based on how he feel his body connected to the movement of the heart.

Pablo said…

” Dancing to me is to feel free and connected to my self to the Love around me. Eventually the dancer become the dance itself”

“I love movement and I believe that movement is one of the best medicines of the modern lifestyle”

Move, love, feel, express, breathe, connect….!

May the light be with you.

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